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Living an exciting and rewarding lifestyle is a given on the Sea, but it can also be a messy and dangerous ordeal. That's why I help boaters enjoy their boating of a lifetime - in the safest, simplest and most profitable way.

how we SERVE

Buy your dream yacht

Finding the perfect yacht at the right price is the kind of challenge you want to navigate fully prepared and hopefully with the right guidance. 

maximize a swift sale

Landing the perfect yacht sale means treating your yacht as an investment in the first place but also knowing your market and your marketing.

Finance & insurance

Why not have a menu that offers every possible advantage for financing and insuring your yacht, such as insider deals or a corporate savings account?


Whether you want to assemble a finely tuned, custom made ship system or just get the hand of some new gear, we’re here to help you get going simply & securely.

yacht Management

Managing a yacht should not interfere with the pleasures of boating. Let’s make sure your operational, technical, and administrative needs are covered.

Do you like boating? Panama is one of the best places in the world for boating regardless of your profile. You can find the perfect yacht or just get the right guidance on ship systems, rigging, electronics and the off the grid lifestyle.

Have you thought about circumnavigating the Americas from one coast to another through the canal? The canal's a wild and mythical place and you could sell your yacht there if needed. People from all over the world come to Panama to buy their yacht.

how we boat

Navigation is a dangerous and tricky business which is why good boaters look out for each other.


We anticipate threats and opportunities, proactively and communicate them clearly and accurately.


We strive to seek out new answers and find working solutions for the right problems.


Nautical investments are usually life decisions. Inform them in thorough detail as ignorance can be a sin.

sets you free

We anticipate threats and opportunities, making them crystal clear through accurate communication.

Finest & Fairest Dealship

  1. When trying to secure a positive return for your yatch, first you must asses your yatch then the market.
  2. After that, you can start marketing your boat but make sure you are available to physically show up for surveys and trials.
  3. Then you have to deal with complex legal and financial international transactions and spend time dealing with wrong candidates & offers.
  4. A network of partners legal, financial, commercial and technical gives you access to better accountability and cost savings among others.

A good broker provide all these things among others and ultimately helps you seal a faster, safer and more profitable deal.

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