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Living an exciting and rewarding lifestyle is a given when you live on the Sea, but it can also be a tedious and dangerous mess of an undertaking.That’s why I help boaters accelerate their best boating experience and enjoy it to the fullest – in the safest, simplest and most profitable way.

helping you with...

Buy your dream yacht

Finding the perfect yacht at the right price is the kind of challenge you want to navigate fully prepared and hopefully with the right guidance. 

make your best sale

Landing the perfect yacht sale means treating your yacht as an investment in the first place but also knowing your market and your marketing.

Finance & insurance

Why not have a menu that offers every possible advantage for financing and insuring your yacht, such as insider deals or a corporate savings account?


Whether you want to assemble a finely tuned, custom made ship system or just get the hand of some new gear, we’re here to help you get going simply & securely.

yacht Management

Managing a yacht should not interfere with the pleasures of boating. Let’s make sure your operational, technical, and administrative needs are covered.

This is a


Not a profession !

Your yacht broker has to be aware of the challenges and hidden hazards prospective and experienced boaters alike face, making all issues and opportunities clear to you through a well informed and transparent governance that leads to an accurate communication you can trust.

Your broker should also be an experienced boater, able to provide advice and guidance on ship systems, rigging, electronics, off grid, solar, lifestyle, as well as access to better products and solutions through a network of partners that create accountability and cost savings. Among other things.

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