Regulatory & Compliance Oversight

Navigating overlapping legal frameworks

Embarking on yacht ownership is an exhilarating journey, but it brings its own set of legal and regulatory challenges. From state and federal mandates to international maritime laws and registration, we ensure that wherever your yacht sails, it sails with ease.

Global compliance expertise

We provide comprehensive advice on charter regulations, cruising licenses, and flag state compliance, so you can enjoy international yachting without legal worries. Whether it’s navigating Customs regulations, managing VAT intricacies, or ensuring adherence to EPA and international emissions standards, we’ve got you covered.

Minimize risks, Maximize peace of mind

Our goal is to offer a hassle-free, enjoyable yachting experience, allowing you to relish the seas without the burden of national and international legal risks and paperwork.Reach out today and ensure a worry-free, compliant global journey


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