Ready to say farewell to your yacht?

Whether you're seeking an upgrade or simply navigating a change of course, your yacht is more than a vessel. It's a treasure chest filled with unforgettable memories. Its sale, therefore, deserves the utmost care and attention.


To profitable adventure

Selling your yacht should be a journey that brings emotional and financial rewards. The goal is to find the perfect buyer to cherish your vessel and secure a satisfying return on your investment. Count on our expert support every step of the way.

1. Strategic pricing enables effective showcasing

Understanding the current market conditions, comparable sales, and trends is essential to highlight your yacht’s unique features and set an optimal asking price. Striking the right balance means neither undervaluing your yacht nor driving potential buyers away.

2. A Compelling ad that connects with your buyer

High-quality visuals create a powerful first impression. An ad that captures the essence of your yacht creates an emotional connection and builds lasting credibility. The challenge lies then in reaching the right audience.

3. Expanding your horizons from local to global

Offline, we physically attend at all kinds of yachting events throughout the Americas, managing showings and surveys firsthand. Online, we list your yacht on specialized platforms and industry networks, creating ideal conditions for a faster, better sale.

4. Maximizing value, ensuring satisfaction

As seasoned professionals, we handle your prospects’ concerns and doubts efficiently and have extensive experience in negotiating yacht sales. As neutral intermediaries, we keep emotions in check and negotiate based on sound business principles.

5. streamlined and compliant is your path to peace of mind

Dealing with paperwork can be overwhelming, but it’s a necessary part of securing a favorable agreement. From contracts, title transfers, navigation permits to insurance, we’ll guide you through it all, paving the way for a smooth and successful transfer of ownership.

Ready to find the perfect new BUyer for your yacht?

Navigating this journey doesn't have to be solo. With our vast buyer network and proven track record of successful sales, we're prepared to make your yacht sale smooth and rewarding. Reach out now and let's set the right course for your yacht's next destination.