Selling the legacy

Whether you're seeking an upgrade or charting a new course, your yacht holds a treasure trove of memories. But selling it can sometimes feel like navigating uncharted waters. From appraising and showcasing its value to dealing with tire kickers, we're here to be your compass on this journey.

from yacht memories

To profitable ventures

Selling your yacht is about finding a committed buyer who shares your sense of adventure and ensuring a gratifying return on investment. Let’s market your boat better and make it a breeze together.

1. Setting a smart course

By understanding market conditions and current trends, we align your aspirations with the ideal asking price for your yacht. The sweet spot? A price that neither undervalues your yacht nor deters potential buyers.

2. Crafting a compelling story

Every yacht has its own unique story, and first impressions are pivotal. We’re here to spotlight its charm with captivating ads and top-notch visuals. These not only forge an emotional bond but also establish trust. Our mission? To ensure your yacht’s tale reaches the right audience.

3. From local docks to global shores

Whether it’s bustling yachting events across the Americas or the vast digital realm, we’ve got you covered. Personally overseeing showings and surveys, we ensure your yacht shines in the spotlight. Online, we strategically place your yacht on specialized platforms, setting the stage for a swift and standout sale.

4. Navigating the deal

The intricacies of yacht sales can be overwhelming. From addressing buyer inquiries to orchestrating contracts, permits, and insurance, we aim for a smooth sailing transaction. Committed to transparent governance, we ensure you’re well-informed every step of the way.

5. Embarking on new horizons

With the deal sealed, it’s time for a fresh start. And remember, whether you’re dreaming of navigating to distant shores or just seeking maintenance and management services for a new yacht, we’re always here, ready to guide you in the vast world of yachting.


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